Steps to Victory

Chapter 2 Written in Tamil by Vidwan Ve. Lakshmanan

Prayers (Prarthana)

A true story

I share with my readers an article I had read in a special edition of a popular magazine. One Mr. R. Mahadevan had written it. It had left a deep impression that could not be erased.

It was about an incident that happened 17 years ago in Walter Reed hospital in the United States, A 60 year old woman finding a big tumor on her left breast had an appointment with a specialist in that hospital. The doctor diagnosed and confirmed it as cancer. The doctor knew her condition had reached the critical stage. Nothing could be done. No guarantee can be given by any doctor for any possibility of even a slight cure. The doctor not wanting to disclose his fear, half heartedly told her to come after six months convincing her the tumor at this juncture cannot be removed. He had his own doubts and convinced that the woman will not live past six weeks even. But he did not have the courage to reveal the truth to her.

Six weeks went by, six months had gone. But a miracle happened. The woman who must have died according to doctor’s diagnosis came to see him in the hospital. Doctor began his tests without least suspecting he had tested her some months back. He enquired her searching for the tumor, ‘ Where did you have cancer’. The patient replied ‘I myself cannot find it doctor. Don’t you remember, I had a big tumor in my breast which surprisingly I am not able to trace it now. The doctor was shocked. ‘ What, that big tumor is not to be seen now? The woman replied ‘ Yes it gradually disappeared.

‘What medicine did you take?’ asked the doctor. ‘ Medicine? Didn’t you tell me no use of medicines any more’ replied the woman.

‘Then what did you do?’ –

‘Just surrendered to God! Just offered my prayers (Prarthana). Yes prayed continuously for hours and hours. He was always in my thoughts. What couldn’t be cured by medicine was cured by the Almighty –

The doctor was really surprised and again performed his tests on her. He was a famous specialist. Incomparable in curing cancer. He couldn’t find any symptoms of cancer in the woman’s breast.

‘Fine, tell me what method of prayer (Prarthana) did you follow?’ asked the doctor.

‘I used to meditate wholeheartedly with eyes moved to tears.’ she replied.

Doctor asked her to meditate the same way then and there. Accepting, she went into meditation. What the woman did was deep meditation! But what the doctor did was just routine tests. When the woman was so drawn in tearful meditation the doctor took her blood sample for testing. He compared it with the sample taken when she was normal. The result differed in each of the sample taken. He found that enzymes present in the blood sample during meditation was not to be found in the normal sample. He could not figure out what those particular enzymes were. He couldn’t certify either that cancer could have been cured by this factor alone. But he asserted that a variation of compounds existed for sure. This definitely proves there is something more powerful beyond medical diagnosis, science or human perception.

I like to mention here that in this article the author had given a footnote at the end : ‘There are far more rare happenings beyond science but this incident has been proved to be true within scientific limits. If Education is the key opener to Science, Prayer is the key opener to Spirituality.‘ I have experienced the power of Prayer (Prarthana) at various phases of my life. But the above incident and the endnote stirred my heart and got rooted deeply. It must be understood that this incident is much connected to the subject matter of our book being Remedy or Parihara for our problems. Our ancestors have been insisting for any problem or trouble that may arise, the main solution is to offer our prayers to the almighty.

Our wants are many. Whatever we pray, however we pray God hears our prayers. But how is he going to answer or solve our problems? Does the solution solely depends on Him! Definitely not. It lies within us. Do not start doubting Him. He is full of sympathy. Will He keep quiet hearing our prayers? There is a truth in my statement that the result depends on us. He watches our faith and sincerity. Give a thought how and why the cancer affected woman meditated! Everybody wants to live. Who likes to die. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a long life. It is quite natural. When the doctors failed to treat her she turned her faith to God. Her body, mind and Intellect were tuned to one direction. Nothing bothered her. Not affected by the surroundings she felt a union with God, a feeling only a true Gnyani will experience. Her heart and mind melted to tears without any external help of glycerine or any false dramatic acting. It was completely a natural process. You may call it a Yoga Practice. Her blood cells got purified with the tears of devotion. Blood circulation got refreshed with the birth of new cells. As a result the humongous tumor completely vanished beyond human perception.

Hence we can conclude, practicing a proper method of Prarthana or Yoga is a way to remedy or Parihara. Actually I wanted to include this as the final chapter of this book. But I took a quick decision to bring this topic in the beginning so as to proceed further without any hindrance and be beneficial to all of us in climbing our steps towards success. Don’t you all agree I am in the right direction of offering my Prayers making the basement stronger.

Holding on tightly to that power of prayers let us go on to the next chapter: “Brighten up the inner eye”

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I have crossed several years of learning and still learning on my threshold of completing seventy next year. My blogs will explain my journey in bits and pieces in the coming days..

7 thoughts on “Steps to Victory

  1. The true blessing of prayer is internal transformation. When done with utmost sincerity it could confer elemental transformation even at the cellular level. Even if not it transforms you into a person who can help themselves, either increased confidence, calmness of mind, acceptance and or peace in the face of dire challenges. Beautifully presented, Sudha Manni. Thank you for this wonderful nugget.

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