Steps to Victory

An offering

This world is indebted to our great saint of wisdom, celebrated poet, tatwagnyani Tiruvalluvar. He had been the man behind to teach life’s values collected in a bunch of verses each verse having just two lines or couplets to benefit mankind for all periods of time.

Agara mudhala ezhuthellam
aadhi bhagavan mudhatre ulagu.

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

Beginning with the above couplet there are 1330 couplets of 2660 lines in the Thirukkural as it is called. It contains the essence of philosophy that should have been put into crores and crores of books but extracted into one single text by our great saint Valluvar.

So close is your life to bliss‘ says the saint referring easy methods to be adapted by grief stricken mankind to get away from grief.

A literary activity may be found useful for a particular period of time. A law or rule enforced is rarely accepted at all times. In this world of ours, in this constantly changing wheel of time: socio economic changes in life style is a natural phenomenon. So in this revolving planet of ours with constant changes in life style, proper ethics to be followed suiting to the life styles of yesterday, today and tomorrow were easily set up by our Prophet Valluvar dating back to 4th or 6th century approx.

I owe all my writings in this book to him alone. He has been my guide and tutor. The pearls of my thoughts, ideas, comments and opinions belongs to his theory and based on his couplets. My words are just symbols etched on his footings.

Therefore to the one and only who had been my stronghold or base to exhibit my thoughts, words and actions; to the one who had created a light zone driving away the bits and patches of darkness; to the mighty one who has made yours and my life be trodden smoothly with his ethics and prophesies; to that great yogi, philosopher with praying hands I offer these Steps of Victory to his saintly feet. 

sd . Vidwan Ve.Lakshmanan



2nd edition

Introduction. முன்னுரை

Based on the title Steps to Victory I have a responsibility to share some thoughts and expectations regarding the concept of this book .

We can attain remedy for sins committed long back or evil actions performed unknowingly.  But committing a sin knowing it is sin or committing a sin with the thought that amends can be made later to be freed from punishment is considered to be worst of sins. Greatest crime done to oneself.

Joy or sorrow is really the result of our karma or our actions.
Good actions give joy; bad actions give sorrow.

This is the basic lesson.

Fire will burn our hands if we draw our hands near. We hinder our own lives with fiery deeds. Our Desires involve us in such evil deeds. Or we are driven towards them unknowingly or knowingly; in short we are provoked by one or the other. Whatever the reason may be it is totally vicious.

Is it right to be provoked to destroy ourselves? Better think.

Secret of success does not happen by magic. It is a known fact.  Moreover nothing will be gained if this fact is not realised by us or even if we intentionally ignore It. 

Our hunger is subsided only by eating the food that is cooked and readily available.

What is the use of hoarding the bundles of currency earned and be happy with just looking at it every day.

But will it not be wiser to utilise the funds properly by way of charity or other uses benefitting the society. Will not the benefits doubled by forming a bigger community of people known and unknown on the basis of a single doctrine established so as to make available those facilities that any individual may desire to possess to be available to all belonging to that community with equal distribution. A human chain for a noble cause indeed.

Too much of accumulated wealth will cause menace to our minds; good human tendencies will get lost; loose ourselves to bad ways; wasting away our time and money  in selfish unhealthy pursuits finally giving way to melt into nothing similar to a wax doll exposed to fire.

One need to understand this concept. Abundant wealth once ours if given to others in need will one day give you the liberty to take it back when you are in need.

We often hear from others  ‘ you deserve this’.  This goes for both good and bad intention. Here it refers good intention. On the contrary we hear ‘serves you right’  but-meaning it in bad intention.

We can issue a cheque to withdraw If only money is saved in bank. This saving is what you deserve. A right of yours.  A give and take policy.

I have tried my best to explain such numerous truths and philosophies that could be practised easily following the footsteps of great saints like Tiruvalluvar in a simple easy flowing style. This attempt is made for all your benefit. It would give me immense pleasure if  readers benefit from this book. Here I offer my prayers to that great sage Bhrighu Maharishi who is glorified in our Vedas and Upanishads as the one who has knowledge to predict the past, present and future of all the three worlds namely Devaloka, Earth and the Batalaloka and may his ever lasting blessings  guide me in this endeavour.

Moreover my humble prostrations to Yogi Ramsuratkumar of Tiruvannamalai whom I worship as the replica of Lord Bhrighu of the present day world. I extend my Pranams to Mataji Vithamma the revered avatar of SriMuthukrishna Swamy (an avatar of Saint Agastya) who attained Jeeva Samadhi in Pothai of Tiruvannamalai.

Let us climb together the Steps to Victory and gain some blissful experiences

Vidwan Ve. Lakshmanan

Published by sudha06

I have crossed several years of learning and still learning on my threshold of completing seventy next year. My blogs will explain my journey in bits and pieces in the coming days..

2 thoughts on “Steps to Victory

  1. Thank you Giri. Your share in pulling me back to the world of writing, to reflect and share my experiences and mainly to translate books written by my father for the wellness of mankind in general.


  2. Sudha. Beautiful realistic translation. I felt as though it was written in English and not Tamiz.

    The concepts here are known to all of us,but to read again is like revalidation if what we have read,told and advised. 😊


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